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GE Druck PV411A-HP

Rp 60.000.000,-

Pneumatic and Hydraulic GE Druck PV411A-HP
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GE's PV411A is part of our Essential range, this high quality, field proven, pressure and vacuum hand pump provides functionality never before seen in a hand held pressure source, replacing four conventional hand pumps.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic versions also available.


The Essential Range

Core Function Test & Calibration

The PV411A, part of our Essential product range, is a day-to-day test and calibration tool you can rely on. GE Druck’s Essential product range is tough, reliable, accurate and easy to use. So you can get on with your job and trust our Essential range to do theirs. And if you need higher accuracy, or wider functionality, our Expert and Elite ranges have you covered.

PV411A Features and Benefits

  • Multi-function “4 in 1” handpump
  • Pneumatic pressures to 60 bar (900 psi)
  • Hydraulic pressures to  700 bar (10,000 psi)
  • Generates vacuum to -28.5 inHg
  • Vacuum priming for hydraulic systems
  • Excellent low pressure control
  • Adjustable overpressure protection
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