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Drilling Fluids - AMC

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Drilling Fluids - AMC
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 AMC is a specialist supplier of quality drilling products and services to the mineral exploration and mining industries worldwide.

With an extensive range of reliable products supported by experts in the field, on-site training and significant investment in R&D, we work with customers to meet their needs. AMC provides site specific products as well as innovative, environmentally-friendly alternatives. Satellite distribution centres are strategically located around the world to ensure operations are not compromised by inventory shortages.

Quality products & chemicals

An extensive range of quality fluids and chemicals in response to our customers growing needs. AMC provides quality drilling fluids, products and onsite support for the following applications:

·         Foaming agents and detergents

·         Lubricants & cutting oils

·         Viscosifiers

·         Specialty products

·         Flocculants and dispersants

·         Treating chemicals

·         Weighting materials

·         Clay and shale stabiliser

·         Cement and grouting additives

·         Commercial chemicals

·         Fluid loss control agents

·         Displacement plug

·         Testing equipment

·         Treating chemicals

·         Rig equipment (mixing)


Our superior new AMC COREWELL system provides exceptional protection of the core, significantly improves side wall stabilisation and has proben to control fluid loss in a large variety of formations.


AMC STICK UP quickly seals lost circulation zones, keeping drill rigs turning and minimising downtime spent stabilising formations.

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