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Concrete Hammer Test HT225 (Manual)

Rp 3.000.000,-

Concrete Hammer Test HT225
Hammer Test
Jual Concrete Test Hammer HT-225, Hamer Test, HT-225

Concrete Test Hammer Model: HT-225

This type test hammer is used to test the concrete compressive strength of construction and bridge...

test range: 10~60 Mpa
impact energy: 2.207J (0.225kgf.m)
impact stroke: 75mm
friction of slider: 0.5~0.8N
spherical radius of impact pole: 25+/-1mm
calibration value on test anvil: 80+/-2
dimension: 278*D54mm
weight: 1kg


  Net Weight Unit size(mm)
Blue ABS Case
1.9kg/set 330*75*200
Black Aluminium Edged Case  2.3kg/set 335*95*160
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