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Transmitter DA220
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Signal Transmitter DA220
CABEL LOCATOR & Excavator Control System
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The Leica DA signal transmitters apply a signal onto underground cables or pipes that may not carry a detectable signal. The Leica DD SMART cable locators can then be used to locate the signal from the Leica DD signal transmitter. The DA signal transmitters are compact, robust and easy-to-use. The have been designed in conjunction with the DD SMART cable locators to easily and accurately avoid, trace or locate buried cables and pipes.

  • To improve the detection success.
  • To trace the route of a utility.
  • To make a depth or current measurement.

DA220 Signal Transmitter

  • 1 Watt or 3 Watt options.
  • Compatible with; DD120 Locator DD220 SMART Locators.

Trace frequencies

  • 8kHz, 33kHz, 131kHz and combined (33 kHz +131 kHz)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery as standard
  • IP67 rating
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