Product Description

Product Description
For rapid quality control of concrete works , with built in
Pointer scale and graph for various angle.
Type “ N “ range 10 to 70 N/mm2 (100 to 700 kgf/cm2)
Impact Energy 0,225 mkg (2,207 joule)
Included certificate calibration by KAN
For non destructive strength testing of concrete and structural components .
In operation, the hammer hits the concrete at a defined energy.
Its rebound is dependent on the hardness of the concrete.
Through the use of the included conversion table ,
the rebound value can be converted to compressive strength.

The standard (Type N) hammers that displays rebound values on a mechanical sliding scale .

For testing thin walled structural components with a thickness of less than 10 cm or rock cores .

All models include rubbing stone , carrying case and instruction booklet with conversion charts.