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Magnet Pen CM88

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Scriber Magnet Pen CM88
Geology Tools
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Product Description

General Tools 88CM Carbide Tip Geology Scriber/Etching Pen


This durable scriber is a terrific pickup for making quick and accurate marks in the hardest work pieces or rock/mineral specimens. In addition, the Utility Scriber includes a permanent magnet affixed to the cap for retrieving and cleaning loose metal shavings.

Features & Benefits :

• Tungsten carbide point for marking and scribingsteel, ceramics and glass
• Magnet picks up small parts and retrieves steelchips from hard-to-reach places
• Knurled aluminum handle providesmaximum control and comfort
• Convenient pocket-clip
• Scribe end can be inverted for storage
• Magnet at the top end of pen

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