HD8200X Static GPS Single
HD8200X Static GPS
Code : GPS HD8200X
Deskripsi :

Integrated system design
1. Intelligent voice technology
2. Large-capacity storage technology
3. Project-oriented file management
4. Convenient operation

HD8200X Static GPS is applied to control survey, engineering survey, area measuring, GIS data collection, boundary survey and other construction applications. Its backward difference function especially fit for long-distance GIS data collection working mode.


Technical specification
Horizontal ±(5mm+1×10-6D)
Vertical ±(10mm+1×10-6D)
Working distance ≤ 50km

Software: HDS-2003 data processing software
Function: Baseline processing, network adjustment, height fitting and detailed report.
Compatibility: Baseline mix solution, cooperation with models of other brands.

Technical specification
Mainboard performance: Parallel 12 channels+L1 C/A code
Epoch interval: 1S-60s adjustable
Satellite altitude angle 0°- 60° adjustable
Main unit power: 1.36W
Data communication: USB/RS-232
Data storage
Memory: 64M
Storage medium: Rewritable flash drive  
Power break protection: 10 years
Physical Specifications
Weight: 600g
Size: Φ19cmX10cm
Operating temperature: -40℃~70℃
Storage temperature: -50℃~80℃
Water-proof and dust-proof

Power system
Battery: Double lithium batteries
Voltage: 7.2V
Working time: 16hours
Charging time: < 4 hours



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