Code : GPS S35
Deskripsi :

S35 differential receiver can receive GPS statellite singnals, various SBAS signals, as well as the differential signals launched by the geo-stationary statellites(Alaso called satellite difference),so as to improve the positioning precision.

·The differential positioning accuracy is up to sub-meter level
·The operation is simple, power on the S35, then it will receive satellites automatically
·Industrial mold, waterproof, dustproof, shakeproof
·Built-in battery and Bluetooth, convenient for land surveying
·Wide range of application
·The continuous working time is up to 12 hours

GPS Signal L1、C/A code、carrier phase smoothing(Patented COAST™ propietary technology,when differential signals outage)
Channel 12 channels, parallel tracking(11 channels when tracking SBAS)
Differential Source SBAS(WAAS,EGNOS,MSAS)
Horizontal Accuracy DGPS≤1m
Single receiver <2.5m
Communication RS-232 or bluetooth
Output pulse 1pps
Baud Rate 9600bps
Output data format NMEA0183

Extenal power
Power consumption <1.2W@12VDC
0.6kg(Built-in battery included)


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