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Coddington 10x

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Lup Bausch & Lomb Coddington 10x
Loup Hand Lens
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Bausch & Lomb Coddington Magnifier 81-61-31 features a swing-away, nickel-plated case that protects the lens and serves as a handle. Correction in the Coddington magnifier is achieved through the use of a single thick lens with a central groove diaphragm. This provides for sharp, crisp images.

A little trivia ... "Coddington" Magnifiers got their name from their British inventor, Henry Coddington.

* 10x Magnification
* Focal Distance 1"/2.5cm
* Diopters 40
* Lens Diameter .8 Inches(20 mm)
* Manufactured by: Bausch & Lomb
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